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Proteomes Results

Proteome IDOrganism
Organism IDProtein count
Single Duplicated Fragmented Missing
Genome representation (RefSeq)e
UP000014990Salmonella phage FSL SP-058117376186Standardfull
UP000296503Streptococcus phage Javan105254797765Standardfull
UP000269850Diporeia-associated CRESS-DNA virus LH48119744222Outlierfull
UP000243949Rhizoctonia solani flexivirus 118716311Close to Standardfull
UP000203392Wenling picorna-like virus 5 (Strain: WLJQ102796)19235332Standardfull
UP000198582Amycolatopsis saalfeldensis (Strain: DSM 44993)3941939167 n:356
C:100% (S:98.9% D:1.1%) F:0% M:0%
UP000201380Hubei sobemo-like virus 2 (Strain: WGML145690)19232053Standardfull
UP000145727Rochambeau virus38043511Close to Standardfull
UP000242434Adoxophyes orana nucleopolyhedrovirus542343121Standardfull
UP000004732Novosphingobium sp. Rr 2-17 (Strain: RR2-17)5557934301 n:1018
C:97.9% (S:97.6% D:0.3%) F:0.6% M:1.5%
UP000208070Tomato leaf curl Mayotte virus3021006Standardfull
UP000008740Propionibacterium phage PAS5050455346Standardfull
UP000240438Human gut gokushovirus19860315Standardfull
UP000018174Mycoplasma sp. CAG:776 (Strain: MGS:776)12629061349 n:174
C:79.9% (S:78.2% D:1.7%) F:0.6% M:19.5%
UP000203099Beihai picorna-like virus 9 (Strain: BHBJDX18814)19226362Standardfull
UP000139850Rhinolophus ferrumequinum papillomavirus 114640746Standardfull
UP000316621Papaver somniferum (Opium poppy) (Strain: cv. HN1)346941351 n:425
C:86.6% (S:37.4% D:49.2%) F:4% M:9.4%
UP000053012Leucobacter sp. G1616637043093 n:537
C:93.9% (S:93.3% D:0.6%) F:0.4% M:5.8%
UP000201071Blueberry shock virus7470564Standardfull
UP000208109Banana streak UA virus10168543Standardfull
UP000014423Stenotrophomonas phage SMA7134349410Standardfull
UP000238462Mycobacterium sp. ITM-2016-0031820996936184 n:743
C:95.6% (S:95.6% D:0%) F:3.2% M:1.2%
UP000296471Streptococcus phage Javan84254830958Standardfull
UP000245629Azospirillum sp. CFH 7002122021485547 n:617
C:94.8% (S:93.2% D:1.6%) F:0% M:5.2%
UP000110857Chimpanzee adenovirus Y25112395831Standardfull
1 to 25 of 302,422  Show
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